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Hyrulean Holiday: Final Stop

The holidays typically mean plenty of time with loved ones, an abundance of delicious meals, and time off from school and/or work. Many people also travel to exotic destinations and enjoy making memories outside of their homes.

2020 has placed restraints on our ability to tour different spots, so the Another Zelda Podcast team began daydreaming of safer locales and thought, “What if we could travel to different locations in the Zelda universe?”

Here are our top areas in the Zelda series we would like to visit. Let us know yours! You can read our other two articles on this vacation here and here.



All locations were chosen based on a few simple rules:

Rule 1: No enemies to worry about.

Rule 2: A place I would go to in real life.

Rule 3: A place I would go to with either my family or my friends.

These are the locations that sound amazing to me.

Tarrey Town (Breath of the Wild)

This part of Breath of the Wild was fun in my opinion. Taking a bunch of different races, cultures, and ages and developing a place of their very own, this little area in the game reminds me of a cozy little town where you get up from your bed and breakfast, enjoy some coffee at your local caffeine dispensary, and grab the newspaper while enjoying yourself in nature. This was a must for me since I enjoy the peaceful ambience of a small, quaint village.

Hena’s Fishing Hole (Twilight Princess)

This little gem is a beautiful and scenic vision of light amongst the twilight and chaos outside this grotto. I am not a seasoned fisherman by any means, but I do enjoy the relaxing time out on the water and catching the occasional fish. This area is more of a safe haven, and while I like that feeling, if I want to pick up the pace in this area, I would definitely head into Hena’s hut for some light conversation and some intense Rollgoal!

The Lumpy Pumpkin (Skyward Sword)

Though the name sounds like a tribute band to the Smashing Pumpkins, don’t let the name fool you. This average bar on a floating piece of acreage gets me excited for some tasty pumpkin soup, hearty drinks, and cheesy musical entertainment. In real life, I am part of an axe-throwing league, and this location gives off these vibes that I know if I were part of this world, I would be having a few laughs and a few rounds with my fellow AZP members. Cheers, folks!

Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday. Please come say hi and follow me on Twitter @stillsaneshane.



Akkala Region (Breath of the Wild)

One of my travel goals is seeing New England in the fall, so the Akkala region is in my top three fantasy spots. I think I gasped when I first wandered into this section of Hyrule: lush plains, vibrant red leaves, and home to one of the most endearing side-quests, Tarrey Town.

Although this span of the kingdom is riddled with Guardians and Lynels, imaging a peaceful version after Calamity Ganon’s defeat brings me hope and relief as I envision myself learning more about technology from Robbie and Jerrin at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, walking along the stretch of beaches and Rist Peninsula, and enjoying picnics near the Akkala Citadel after researching its history.

Deep Akkala boasts an important moment for Princess Zelda: the Spring of Power, where our royal lass prayed to the goddess Hylia in an effort to awaken her sealing powers and save Hyrule. The area is as heartbreaking as it is serene once Link unlocks one of his memories depicting Zelda’s frustration and despair. Seeing our heroine experience this moment of weakness and humility helps us to sympathize with her. If I could visit this tranquil spring, I think I would find myself taking a few moments of silence to wish for Hyrule’s salvation.

Hyrule Town (The Minish Cap)

This iteration of the residences and enterprises near Hyrule Castle is as charming as it is efficient: colorful banners and homes, a bakery, a café, an inn, town square merchants, a library… I think I would be in Heaven.

I would schedule my trip to coincide with the Picori Festival and see whether I could shrink myself to interact with the sweet Minish (honey, we shrunk Celeste!). After enjoying a slice of pie--or two--at Wheaton and Pita’s bakery, I would wander to Mama’s Cafe for some chai and the latest gossip. For exercise, I could learn sword techniques at Swiftblade School and perhaps even enter the Sword-Fighting Tournament (although, truthfully, I am far too timid for such a bold decision). Anju could teach me all about Cuccos, and I could catch up on my reading at the Royal Hyrule Library. I don’t need much to enjoy a vacation.

At the end of the day, I’d spring for the Luxury Room at the Happy Hearth Inn (treat yourself!) and visit with the other travelers over a delicious dinner. I wonder whether visitors are allowed to tour Hyrule Castle? I’d want to stroll through the courtyard at some point on my trip.

Hateno Village (Breath of the Wild)

Not only would I enjoy paying a visit to this tranquil village, but I would also settle down in one of the quaint homes in this bucolic hamlet. Aside from touring windmills and visiting Hateno Beach, this settlement offers few options for recreation. One could fish or enjoy the spoils of the harvest, but little else exists in the entertainment arena.

I think such simplicity is what attracts me to this virtual vacation destination.

The Great Ton Pu Inn has the perfect amount of amenities and a porch with a gorgeous view of the village. Imagine watching the sunrise while enjoying a hot breakfast! I could walk to Ventest Clothing Boutique and model the latest fashions, and then I could have Sayge at the Kochi Dye Shop change the color of my clothing to suit my mood or the season.

Assuming the weather is favorable, I could picnic in Hateno Pasture, watching the cows, sheep, and dogs enjoy the sunshine and fresh grass. Seldon could take me on a tour; I love seeing the pride he holds for his hometown.

I absolutely would check out Symin and and Purah’s lab so I could learn more about the Guardians and Sheikah. Maybe they would create a Sheikah Slate just for me!

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