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Where Did They Go? Missing Zelda Characters

I am going to go over a few creatures and peoples who have been in a game—from those in the early timeline and now Breath of the Wild—and ponder where they are.

by Ryan Kuhn

Have you noticed a creature or race of people who roamed Hyrule at one point in time and then never saw them again? I am not talking about those who evolved and changed, similar to how the Kokiri evolved to the Koroks or the Zora evolved to the Rito (now we have both races). No, I am asking about those who were in a game or two and now are no longer found in the world of Hyrule. I am going to go over a few creatures and peoples who have been in a game—from those in the early timeline (Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword) and now Breath of the Wild—and ponder where they are.



In the beginning, we had a group of people who worked with the goddess Hylia to save the Hylians and stop Demise from coming. They were the Kikwis, Gorons, Parellas, Ancient Robots (not a very clever name), and the Mogmas, and they prevented the Triforce from falling into Demise’s hands. We know the Gorons stayed around and are still kicking. The Ancient Robots were lost in time. We can assume that the Kikwis evolved to the Kokiri and the Parellas evolved to the Zora (in theory, that makes sense), but what about the Mogmas? They are never mentioned in the timeline again after Skyward Sword, so where did they go? My first guess would be that they are lost under a mountain or Eldin Volcano to escape the Moblins and Bokoblins, as they are the strongest monsters to fight and the only real escape is to dig underground. The Mogmas didn't have a nice dragon to protect them like the Parellas did, either, so I think they were defeated over time. They didn’t seem to have a home village and were almost nomadic in looking for treasure. Maybe they left to find more treasure outside of Hyrule after the Gorons settled within the Eldin region.

The Mogmas should have stayed since they would have found all of the chests in Breath of the Wild that we pulled out of the ground with Magnesis.



Found in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, the Deku were more than just simple bad guys that spit out Deku nuts or, as a Deku Baba, lunged at you as you walked by: there was a kingdom of the Deku that talked and danced. They worshiped the creature within the Great Deku Tree, followed King Deku, and trapped innocent monkeys. As time passed, we saw only Deku Babas, and then the Octoroks took over forests and sandy regions in Breath of the Wild. So, where did the Deku go after Majora’s Mask? The easy theory here is that they were all called in by the Deku King to protect him and the princess from the moon in Termina and decided not to leave since the Southern Swamp may have been a safe place. The monkeys eventually left and were found in Faron Woods—but what happened to them afterwards since they are not in Breath of the Wild, either? The other answer is that the Octoroks became an invasive species and kicked the Deku out of the forest. As either an enemy or resident of the Deku Palace, we have not seen them for a while.


River Zora

When you go near the water in A Link to the Past, an evil River Zora appears and spits a fireball at you. As discussed in my article about the story of the Zora, the River Zora and the Ocean Zora/Zora tribe are different and appear throughout the timeline. Though we see the Zora Tribe continue to Breath of the Wild, the River Zora do not appear. Where did those fire-breathing angry Zora go? Most likely, the Zora Tribe brought them into the fold to join them, and they became nicer—and less fiery (literally). This has worked for them as now the Zora are in both the ocean and river in Hyrule.



Even though we have our trusted steed, Epona, before we had her, we had our trusted Loftwing. After the fall of Demise, the statue of Hylia goes down to the Surface, and some of the people in Skyloft go down to presumably start the kingdom of Hyrule. However, not everyone goes down, and as we finish Skyward Sword, we see Link’s (or “Dude,” as I named him) and Zelda’s Loftwings fly up to the clouds. Where do these Loftwings end up, including those that stayed in Skyloft? It looks as though the humans who remained in Skyloft became Ooccoos in Twilight Princess, but what of the Loftwings? Perhaps as Link arrived there to save the Ooccoos, the dragon came into play to scare the Loftwings away, and maybe a new place was found where one day we will find them again.



As an honorable mention, I would like to bring up the Keaton from Majora’s Mask and the mask of the Keaton in Ocarina of Time. Based on Japanese lore, this three-tailed yellow fox is a fan favorite that has just a quick appearance and then never appears again, not even as a mask (insert sad face emoji). No one knows where he went, but if the Zelda creators give us a quiz to complete, it better be given to us by the Keaton.


Are there any other characters or races you’d like to see reappear? Let me know!

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