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"Favorite Cyclops"

S5 E3 | David travels to Manitowoc to visit Shane and talk about some of their favorite cyclops.

HOST: David Geisler

CAST: Shane Kelley

Written and Directed by David Geisler

Produced by David Geisler and Celeste Roberts

Executive Producer: David Geisler

Editor: David Geisler

Sound Designer: David Geisler

This episode features music by MIKEL & GAMECHOPS, titled "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" from the album "ZELDA & CHILL" available on Apple Music and YouTube.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during Another Zelda Podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Sixfive Media and its employees.

This has been a production of Sixfive Media 2022

1 Comment

Feb 01, 2023

Fun episode and just a couple of my thoughts. 1. Not Vaati??? 2. the plural of Cyclops is Cyclopes and 3. I also need to be on the record that the I believe the figure in TOTK is Majora. The only entity powerful enough to contain Ganondorf and the true chaotic neutral character of the series. <100 days until TOTK. Lets GO!

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