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Zelda Music - Apple Music Playlist

"The Legend of Zelda – From A Certain Point of View"

The AZP team loves to find and listen to cover music of Zelda songs. Below is an ever changing playlist of great Zelda music which we've found on Apple Music.


Included in this playlist are tracks by Mikel, who allowed us to use his cover of "Legend of Zelda" main theme as our podcast's opening music. We also particularly enjoy, listener of the show, Aaron Grubb's nuanced piano & cello rendition of "Song of Storms". Another great track to note is Theophany's version of "Clocktown" which pulls you in to a small town scene and crescendos into a cacophony of Zelda energy. Lastly, James Landino's "Hyrule Dungeon (Courage)" is a track that's simply begging to be included on everyone's workout playlist. We hope you enjoy! Ok-Bye!!!

Go straight to the playlist on Apple Music by clicking here, or preview the list below:


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Kyle Brandenburg
Kyle Brandenburg
Jan 28, 2022

I came here to make sure the Theophany ”Time’s End” albums were represented. They are great. Definitely worth a dedicated listen start to finish.

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