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"World Building"

S4 E11 | David, Kate, Ryan, and Mallory get together to have a roundtable discussion about which Zelda games do a particularly excellent job of building a believable world.

HOSTS: David Geisler, Kate May

CAST: Mallory Kuhn, Ryan Kuhn

Written by David Geisler and Kate May

Directed by David Geisler

Produced by David Geisler and Celeste Roberts

Executive Producer: David Geisler

Editor: David Geisler

Sound Designer: David Geisler

This episode features music by MIKEL & GAMECHOPS, titled "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" from the album "ZELDA & CHILL" available on Apple Music and YouTube.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during Another Zelda Podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Sixfive Media and its employees.

This has been a production of Sixfive Media 2021

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