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"Princess Zeldas"

S5 E2 | David and Mallory get together in Chicago to talk about how the character Princess Zelda has evolved over the years.

HOST: David Geisler

CAST: Mallory Kuhn

Written and Directed by David Geisler

Produced by David Geisler and Celeste Roberts

Executive Producer: David Geisler

Editor: David Geisler

Sound Designer: David Geisler

This episode features music by MIKEL & GAMECHOPS, titled "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" from the album "ZELDA & CHILL" available on Apple Music and YouTube.

The views, information, or opinions expressed during Another Zelda Podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent those of Sixfive Media and its employees.

This has been a production of Sixfive Media 2022

1 comentario

06 mar 2022

Love the podcast! One thing about the episode though, your age interpretations were quite unique XD

most people believe OoT link and Zelda to be 9 and 16, give or take a year. SS is officially confirmed to be 17 and a half. Minish Cap link and Zelda are definitely not 8, they are the same age as WW link and Zelda, 12. That’s all haha, just thought I’d mention it. All in all it’s up to interpretation for most of them, except for SS which is was confirmed. Besides this, this was a great episode idea!

Me gusta
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