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Field Producer

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Chicago, IL, USA

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About the role

We are currently looking to hire a full-time Podcast Producer with experience in the podcast space. This team member will work alongside the production team to help record and edit multiple shows per week with various talent/hosts. The office and studio are located in downtown Austin, TX.


  • Help manage the Sixfive Media studio calendar and coordinate recordings between the AZP team and external Talent/Hosts.

  • Record on location like special events or guests' studios.

  • Work on multiple episodes at a time

  • Support the podcast hosts and AZP team

  • Work with hosts and the Sixfive Media team on setting up epsidoes to be recorded in the field.

  • Ensure podcasts meet internal deadlinesWork with other locations to maximize opportunities during preproduction

  • Provide direct links/hyperlinks in “show notes” for hosts and guests, advertisers, etc. (see The Skinny Confidential Him & Her episode show notes for examples)

  • Additional responsibilitequired

  • Here are some examples of a podcast producer's general duties:

    • Supervise the podcast's production process

    • Support the podcast host and team

    • Manage the podcast production schedule and development

    • Promote the show and develop marketing strategies with others on the production team

    • Research, contact and schedule guests to join the podcast

    • Prep the host and guest before a podcast recording

    • Prepare questions before an interview

    • Ensure podcasts meet internal deadlines

    • Guide guests on talking points throughout the recording

    • Manage each episode's editing, recording and distribution

    • Monitor each episode's analytics and metrics

    • Oversee the podcast production budget

    • Handle administrative work as needed

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