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Casting Call


About the project:

Started in 2017, AZP is produced by David Geisler and Celeste Roberts and features different co-hosts who discuss topics related to the popular Zelda video game series. With over 20,000 listens a month and a growing fanbase, the AZP community brings together all walks of life from across the globe.

AZP is seeking a Chicago-based Zelda fan to be a cast member for in-person recordings. Recording sessions are usually scheduled once every other month and two to three episodes are recorded per session. Recordings typically last 1 hour per episode. We provide the recording equipment and edit the episodes. Episode topics are decided months in advance of recording, and co-hosts are encouraged to prepare notes with their opinions to share.


The goal is to enjoy a rapport with an in-person cast member for the length of our 6th season (approximately 1 year) with the potential for a longer tenure.

Role: Principle, Co-Host


It’s not a secret to everybody–Another Zelda Podcast loves to chat about lore, mini-games, individual Zelda titles, theories, favorite dungeons, and more! Since the podcast is about video games, we have fun while keeping conversations engaging.

We are looking for someone who is comfortable on the mic, as well as in the occasional video. Someone who is happy to meet fans in person when we attend conventions; A co-host who is excited to celebrate the experience of playing games, the art of game design, and the history of the video game industry. Co-hosts are energetic, open-minded, kind, friendly, approachable, and humorous. The AZP community strives to make all team members and listeners feel like they are a part of a welcoming group that can be a source of joy.

AZP is not a kids' show, however, our listeners range from 10 years old to 50 years old, and we've learned that many of our listeners often listen together as a family. Therefore our goal is to keep the content family-friendly, so our brand avoids strong language, violence, and other adult themes.


Even though most episodes are presented as Audio Only, we request a Video Audition because we have enough video content and fan interactions that we'd like to get a sense of your personality. Therefore your video setup doesn't need to be fancy; you're welcome to use a recording device as simple as your phone.

Another Zelda Podcast is a non-scripted show so we have provided some simple talking points that we'd like you to respond to. Please slate your name and feel free to spend a few minutes speaking about or answering the following:

What's your earliest memory of realizing you were a Legend of Zelda fan?

Do you have a favorite Zelda game? (There's no wrong answer.)

Is there a Zelda game that you haven't yet played, but would most like to play next?


Thanks for auditioning!

We'll be in touch soon!

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