Breath of the Wild Collectors Box Giveaway!!!

You may remember our YouTube video where I unboxed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Collectors Box with my nieces. AZP has secured three more of these collectors boxes and as a special thank you, we'd like to give them away to our audience as we ramp up to our Season 4 Premier!

You can enter to win by simply tweeting to @AnotherZeldaPod and including a link to your favorite AZP episode in the tweet. Then you just submit that tweet to the RaffleCopter form below! 


The raffle will end at 6 AM CST on August 5th and a few hours later we'll run the raffle and find out who we'll be mailing these boxes to! We'll e-mail the winners and coordinate the shipping process.

Which reminds me...this particular giveaway will only be eligible to folks who live in the US. If you're one of our international listeners, thank you so much for supporting the show by listening to it and hopefully we will be able to run an international giveaway in the future.

It's aways fun to share Zelda stuff and I can't wait

to see who we get to send these to! Okay, Bye!!

-David Geisler

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